WolfTime Enhancements Timeline


May 2019

  • Employee Self Service: Employees who work schedules other than a regular 8 hour day are able to submit partial day leave requests for more than 8 hours once they update the “Scheduled Daily Hrs field to an amount greater than 8 hours. Ex. An employee that works a 12 hours shift will enter 12 in the “Scheduled Daily Hrs” field and this will allow them to enter 8 hours or more in the “hrs taken if not full days” field.
  • For Managers Tile: When managers click on the “For Managers” tile, under “Pending Approvals”, it will reflect a “Transaction Date”, indicating the beginning date of the leave request, and an “Approval Receipt Date” column that reflects the date the employee submitted the request.
  • Job Action Request (JAR): For FLSA Exempt JAR actions, the Time Keeping Location field will grey out and not be carried forward if the Position Number entered is classified as Exempt from FLSA.
  • Supervisor/Timekeeper Weekly Time Calendar: An Excel download link has been added to the Weekly Time Calendar.

January 2019

  • For Employees: An email link is now available and located at the top of the employee timesheet, directly under the supervisor’s name. The email link goes directly to the employee’s supervisor on the employee timesheet page
  • For Supervisors: When "Approving Reported Time" for the previous work week, only the employees with hours to be approved will appears on the approval listing. If an employee name appears with zero hours it indicates an issue on the timesheet that needs to be investigated


November 2018

  • Comp Balance Views: New detailed Comp balance view for employees
  • Simplified Rounding View: For employees and managers-A countdown "clock" was designed based on reported time for the week to help employees and managers know how much more time an employee needs for the week

September 2018

  • 2018 Special Bonus Leave: Add leave amount (based on FTE) to each employee’s leave accounts
  • Adverse Weather: Complete internal testing and campus testing to offer an Adverse Weather Leave option

July 2018

  • Timesheet Confirmation: Removed redundant confirmation screens for manager timesheet submission and approval
  • Employee Timesheet: Added the name of an employee’s current supervisor
  • Employee Timesheet: Added distinct separation when crossing in/out of a NCSU scheduled holiday and check dates will now appear in descending order
  • Timekeeper Limitation: Limited Timekeepers access to modify, resolve, and approve time to 60 days after a pay period ends
  • Manager Dashboard: Extended access to the dashboard up to 31 days after an employee separates from the University
  • Cancel Absence Request: Created a more defined button for managers when looking for leave request cancellations
  • Absence Breakdown: Improved the manager view to provides a detailed breakdown of leave accruals and request for direct reports
  • Manager inserting Leave Employee: Limited the time (only 4 - 12 hour per day) when a manager places an absence request for an employee

April 2018

  • Floating Holidays: Added floating holidays to meet the needs of some departments that have employees on a unique holiday calendar
  • Leave Certification: Loaded into WolfTime and available for employee leave certification
  • Absence Breakdown: Added more details to the Leave Coordinator view

March 2018

  • Travel Time Sheet: Designed a paper travel time sheet to assist non-exempt employees when traveling

February 2018

  • Pay Stub: Created a template that explains the various parts of the pay stub

January/February 2018

  • Unapproved time: Reviewed over 3400 rows of unapproved time. Sent reminder emails to supervisors

January 2018

  • Shift Differential: Modified system to add a job code for shift eligible employees which removed a manual review process prior to each payroll


November 2017

  • Manager Dashboard: Improved manager dashboard views for time and leave approvals

October 2017

  • Manager Time Approval: Changed to 6 days into the new month to approve time from previous month

July 2017

Implementation of WolfTime